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Month: August, 2009

Kerela, Office and Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!!!

The Holy month of fasting and praying starts from tomorrow…errr…today! Scared and sad…scared because i am not sure if i’ll be able to handle fasting and the work together…sad because this is the first Ramadan after my Grandfather passed away 😦 😦

My last few days have been MAD!! Me, the twin and her friend went to Kerela to meet my sister’s best friend who had a baby few months back and has named her after my twin (so cute na!!) The trip was awesome and so were the mother-daughter *touchwood* 🙂 🙂

Kerela is just so beautiful !!! I loved every minute there..the trees, the weather, the waterfalls 🙂 Though the trip was really short, I had the best time in years (i think it was due to the absence of any of our parents!) 😀

Our days were spent sight seeing and evenings were spent just sitting in the verandah and cursing the delhi weather and nights were spent going for long drives and simply chatting!!

I feel quite envious of my sister sometimes..she has the best of people as her friends. I, on the other hand have had the bad luck of being around some of the worst people in the world. She has so many fond memories, of non-stop chatter and happy girly times. I, have always been surrounded by boys, never really had any girl friends…and i miss having girl-friends. The boys..rather men in my life drive me crazy. I am usually the butt of their jokes and I just LOVE hanging out with them. I really wish to travel to a number of places with them, but can’t for the simple reason that they are all boys :(so anyways, bored you enough with my bakwaas…here are some pictures of the baby and Kerela..Image0295




Rest tomorrow 🙂


the tag :)

Amrit..here’s the tag 🙂 Apologies for the delay…din’t even had the time to breathe!!!! 😦

5 lesser known things about me!(plus one for the delay!!)

1. I am BIG pessimist…i always imagine the worst happening to me ONLY…  I see the glass empty ALWAYS, no matter how many happy things i have, i still think of something that i don’t have and ruin the happiness…. (pathetic i know!!)

2. I am absolutely fine doing just nothing the whole day…i can watch TV and movies the whole day or read books and I’ll be the happiest if i get to live life this way!!

3. I love chocolates, i can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for breakfast he next day.

4. Being an emotional fool that I am, i cry at the drop of a hat, be it when someone fights with me, or i watch a sad movie. I cried hysterically when Sirius Black and Prof Dumbeldore died in the Happry Potter book !!

5. I get affected by the tiniest thing possible…i mean if I am in a coversation with a friend over sms, and he/she stops replying, i start getting irritated and finicky and start losing my temper…weird.. i know!!!

6. (bonus) I feel cold very often…i start wearing sweatshirts when people are still waiting for winters to approach 🙂 Everyday in the Courts, I am the only one wearing a Coat and still shivering 😀 and my nose becomes red and is almost frozen!! hehe 🙂

I tag everyone, if you still visit my blog 🙂

Amrit…sorry cant do the second one, cz my brain has already exerted itself 🙂 🙂

Take care guys!!

p.s. i miss blogging and reading everyone’s blog 😦 😦