ok…so here goes a totally random post from me..

Last few weeks have been totally awesome for me. I am having the time of my life these days, and hoping i enjoy it while it lasts, before i get a job (though I am aching to get one…nevertheless I am sure i’l regret it later!!)

Currently, I have become obsessed with The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. My day is spent reading the book, like a maniac!

Obsessed with Phi also called the Golden Number, Saint Mary Magdalene and Leonardo Da Vinci amongst numerous other things. There is so much information everywhere that i feel at loss. Loss that that I wasted so many of my years not learning much.. Anyways, all is not lost.

A normal day in my (current) life follows hereby-

8.00 AM- Morning rituals, breakfast, packing lunches for sister and mother.

9.00-9.30- Dropping sister off and driving through MAD traffic.

10-11.30- Salsa Class, and this is the BEST part of the day 🙂

12.00 onwards getting pampered by Nani and enjoying the rest of day…sometimes going out to meet friends, otherwise, lazing around the house!

6.30pm- Picking up sister, driving through MAD traffic once again.

7.30- getting back home, exercise. TV and other random stuff

10-1am or till the time mom doesn’t force me to get off the Comp 🙂 – sitting on the net, chatting on the phone etc etc,

Ahem…ahem…i apologize for this completely absurd and random post…

Coming up soon..another fully faltu post of mine…one fine day..

By the way…if a girl is totally hot and useless at work….why does she get a ‘dream job’ whereas me..whos not-so-hot BUT quite useful (mind you!) has to wait, or look for a contact 😦 Life’s unfair na!??!!