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Month: January, 2012



Of a quaint little place

Of a house filled with bookcase

Of Ghalib and Faiz

And Marquez and Gibran


Of a brick street

and a coffee shop


Of a house with a 30 feet ceiling

Of a house filled with kids squealing

Of grandparents sharing stories

of the white elephant
or saint


Twenty Eleven

What a year.

What a year.

Twenty Eleven has been wonderful to me. So wonderful that i was moved enough to sign into wordpress and write a blog.

Twenty Eleven made me a tad bit wiser, a tad bit careless, a tad bit crazier. I did things i never thought i would do. I did things which i believe made me a better human being.

Started learning Urdu

Started exploring the works of  Ghalib, Iqbal, Majaz

Started observing more and talking less

Started travelling and exploring

Started eating out more often

Started gymming

Started praying often-er

Started meeting more people

Started trusting a bit more easily

Started letting go of my past

Started forgiving people

Started becoming friends with my mother

Started loving my job

Started hating this profession

Started rekindling old friendships

Started learning more

Started falling in love with Delhi all over again

This year made me meet some of the most wonderful people through the internet. Yes it does sound scary and it does seem absurd but I did go and meet some people whom i met through Twitter and those meets have been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Whether it was the pretty lady almost the same age as my mother, but someone you could talk to about anything under the sun; or a Doctor- my first Kashmiri friend, who let’s you talk incessantly and quietly listens and nods along, someone who would always find ways to cheer you up, or the very wonderful woman, who has the same phone as me, my ‘love’ advisor and my 1 AM friend, someone with whom I could gossip about other girls and drool over my prince charming, or my supremely funny girl-friend who would know just about the right joke to crack me up (I havent told u this, but your jokes on your Timeline has made me smile so often when i have been sad), or the PJ cracking man, whose quality of jokes are getting bad to worse, but i forgive you or the good looking ‘hero’ who turned out to be living within 2 kms of my house, someone who amused me with his Urdu and his one-liners, or the journalist friend with whom I miss conversing, or the photographer meeting whom is always a pleasure and who never ever ceases to amaze me, or the crazy fellow–Aligarian who is living without phone currently, or the quiet Engineer with a very cool job who will go out of his way just so that you dont feel sad, or the lawyer-friend whose messages are something I will cherish throughout my life, or the very quiet boys, who took me to my first trip to Jama Masjid during Ramzan-and after years of badly wanting to go there, I finally went and then there are the ones who leave no stone unturned to pull my leg, some I haven’t even met (but feels like I have known them for long) but that’s what makes my Twitter experience memorable 🙂

These are some of the beautiful people I met through the internet.  Yes Internet is full of good people too 🙂

Twenty Eleven saw the loss of my Arabic tutor, someone who taught us Arabic in turn for us teaching him English.

Twenty Eleven also saw the loss of Jagjit Singh, whose ghazals i grew up listening to, whose voice always healed my broken heart in adolescent years, whose words remained with me long after the song was over, whose ghazals I still remember, word by word and tune by tune.

Twenty Eleven also saw me growing professionally. Canvassed for elections, shouted slogans, screamed my head off. Fought with lawyers who tried to act smart. Made some wonderful friends in this profession.

Twenty Eleven saw me become more confident, professionally and personally. So what if I don’t have a size zero and I really don’t care if I am not considered to be  ‘beautiful’.

Twenty Eleven also took my twin far far away from me to the States, whose absence is what made me indulge so much on the internet. She has absolutely no idea how crazily i miss her everyday.

Dear Twenty Twelve, let’s see if you can match up-to the standards i set in Twenty Eleven 🙂