just like that :)

I have been reading some blogs…my sister’s; even her faculty’s….i too wanted to make a beautiful blog…perhaps a poetic one…or one that shows that I am grammatically superior to so many others! But I realized creativity is something natural, u cant actually do anything…I remember my sister in school…..she had the most atrocious spellings ever…we used to call her spellings’ truck wali spellings….read a truck’s rear and you’ll know what I mean! And now you read her blog…its simply delightful…a pure pleasure to read..and to gather from the words what an intelligent being she has become….

Sometimes I realize I haven’t grown up much…she was always the immature one; the kid in the family…..primarily because I was ONE minute elder to her…I think it’s the other way round now!

Coming back to where I was….

We look for the things lacking in us….

We envy others who are prettier, more intelligent, more slimmer,

More attractive than us…

What we do miss out in the process of comparison is the qualities in us…

Our hidden self

Our hidden talents..

And we fail to realize that

the pretty people aren’t necessarily the prettiest humans;

it may seem cliché but it actually matters who you are on the inside;

good friendships, good relationships; are good only because of the person inside you