the tag :)

by Saima’s the tag 🙂 Apologies for the delay…din’t even had the time to breathe!!!! 😦

5 lesser known things about me!(plus one for the delay!!)

1. I am BIG pessimist…i always imagine the worst happening to me ONLY…  I see the glass empty ALWAYS, no matter how many happy things i have, i still think of something that i don’t have and ruin the happiness…. (pathetic i know!!)

2. I am absolutely fine doing just nothing the whole day…i can watch TV and movies the whole day or read books and I’ll be the happiest if i get to live life this way!!

3. I love chocolates, i can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for breakfast he next day.

4. Being an emotional fool that I am, i cry at the drop of a hat, be it when someone fights with me, or i watch a sad movie. I cried hysterically when Sirius Black and Prof Dumbeldore died in the Happry Potter book !!

5. I get affected by the tiniest thing possible…i mean if I am in a coversation with a friend over sms, and he/she stops replying, i start getting irritated and finicky and start losing my temper…weird.. i know!!!

6. (bonus) I feel cold very often…i start wearing sweatshirts when people are still waiting for winters to approach 🙂 Everyday in the Courts, I am the only one wearing a Coat and still shivering 😀 and my nose becomes red and is almost frozen!! hehe 🙂

I tag everyone, if you still visit my blog 🙂

Amrit…sorry cant do the second one, cz my brain has already exerted itself 🙂 🙂

Take care guys!!

p.s. i miss blogging and reading everyone’s blog 😦 😦