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Month: February, 2010

Title-less :)

Friends ARE angels. 🙂 🙂

Has it happened to you ever,that when you need a particular friend, he/she just senses it and pops out of nowhere?? Its a miracle, isn’t it? Its like Divine intervention, someone above gives them a whack on their head and tells them to go meet/call the friend- in- need.

its like God has planted little little angels around us in the form of parents, siblings, friends, partners/spouses, to guard each one of us, to prevent us from falling flat on the face. But often we dont realise  this. We shout at our parents for interfering in our lives, we shout at our friends for not being there, we shout at our siblings for entering our rooms without asking or borrowing  our clothes. In short we take them for granted, never at once realising that life can never be the same when they are not there. To guard, to protect or to just listen.

We stumble across many people on our way, we keep some with us forever safely, we discard most of them forever.  We lose many of them, only to realise later that a lot got lost. And we carry along many people who we think are our ‘angels’, and end up getting hurt.  This is life.

Life can be made worthwhile only if we cherish the ones around us, be happy, make them happy as long as they are with us, even if for a short duration.

We can start by saying ‘i love you’ to our family and friends and watch the expressions on their faces. We can start by saying ‘thank you’ for all the times our siblings have lied to our parents to save our skin. We can start by saying ‘thank you’ to our mothers and fathers for being so selfless and giving us untiring support and warmth. We can start by giving a hug to those near us. We can start by telling our friends how much we love them, for just being there even at 4 am, without any complaints.

Its never too late to start, to hug, to express love, to just say thank you.

Its never too late to apologize for any hurt caused.

Its never too late to start loving, effortlessly and tirelessly.

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life, bearing with me and my perpetual dilemmas. Life can never be the same without each and everyone of you. A special thanks to everyone in the blog-world, for not forgetting me despite my hibernation 🙂

This is dedicated to my twin, Giant, HP, RM, SH, AK and my  two special blog friends S and S (you know who you are! )


Gyaan Part one

The last few months in the Delhi Legal system have been revolutionary, to say the least. The year saw few path breaking judgements delivered by the Delhi High Court, which will now surely pave way for greater reforms in the country. The first being striking down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. This has HUGE impact on the millions of gay population in India. although the battle is still not over, this has been a very very important step. The judgement drew both criticism and applause from all over the country. The year also saw e-courts being formulated in the delhi HC. Not one but two courts have started functioning as e-courts since the time i posted last. The technology will now enable the courts to function more efficiently and enable less paper-work which means less trees being cut! However, for the lawyers to become used to the idea of using computers instead of pens and papers will take some time!

Another revolutionary judgement was the one wherein  a 3 judge-bench decided (much to the annoyance of the SC) that the Chief Justice of India’s office comes under the purview of the RTI Act. This year (2010) saw the High Court Judges putting up their assets on the high court website (and man they are so rich!! )!!

OK enough of the gyan for a day!

P.S. Since i am reading and learning a lot lately, be prepared for a lot of gyan from my side 🙂