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Month: September, 2009

हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के

हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के

-शिवमंगल सिंह सुमन

हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के
पिंजरबद्ध न गा पाऍंगे,
कनक-तीलियों से टकराकर
पुलकित पंख टूट जाऍंगे।

हम बहता जल पीनेवाले
मर जाऍंगे भूखे-प्‍यासे,
कहीं भली है कटुक निबोरी
कनक-कटोरी की मैदा से,

स्‍वर्ण-श्रृंखला के बंधन में
अपनी गति, उड़ान सब भूले,
बस सपनों में देख रहे हैं
तरू की फुनगी पर के झूले।

ऐसे थे अरमान कि उड़ते
नील गगन की सीमा पाने,
लाल किरण-सी चोंचखोल
चुगते तारक-अनार के दाने।

होती सीमाहीन क्षितिज से
इन पंखों की होड़ा-होड़ी,
या तो क्षितिज मिलन बन जाता
या तनती सॉंसों की डोरी।

नीड़ न दो, चाहे टहनी का
आश्रय छिन्‍न-भिन्‍न कर डालो,
लेकिन पंख दिए हैं, तो
आकुल उड़ान में विघ्‍न न डालों।

Brings back old memories!! Doesn’t it!! 🙂


blah blah blah

A lot has happened….I got fired and then hired again….not fired literally…but the Boss i.e. the Hon’ble Judge decided that this is not the right place for me since i am a beginner and said that a job with him would hamper my initial growth. He also has also asked me to join him after 6 months of practice in the Courts. So..he suggested that I join a lawyer….So..after being ill and at home for 10 days, I joined a lawyer..now working with her…

Have you ever felt as if you are having a directionless life?? As if every morning you wake up, you realise that you have to follow that same monotonous routine. eating.working.sleeping.more working and more sleeping. There is so much I want to do…but it’ll take time. But patience is something I dont have.

I want to be away from home, just for a while. To travel.

I want to open a school for street kids.

I want to fight cases of those who cant afford a lawyer.

I want to change the atmosphere, make world a better palace for my kids when they come into this world.

I just don’t want to exist..i want to live. Make a difference. Even if its o.000000001%.

I wish to do so much…but the question is HOW!!

Everyday i wake up thinking whether I am doing the right thing, whether I have joined the correct profession, if yes then whether I have joined the right place. So many doubts nd confusions in my mind.

For once i want to have a clear mind…free from confusions and apprehensions. Nothing helps. No one helps. Everyone suggests a different thing, a different direction.

I wish I was a kid again….when all my tensions revolved around where my pencil went or why have I not eaten today’s lunch box.