He told me he’ll be there for me..


No matter what….

Even if the world turns against you…

I’ll be there..

To give you a hand..

To guide you…

To give you a shoulder to cry on…

To wipe your tears..

He said.

I trusted him…blindly…

This is life..they say…

Always unfair

Always unkind

When I needed him

He wasn’t there

He turned against me

I watched him…fighting back tears..

Tears of betrayal

Tears of disbelief

Tears of pure sadness..

I watched him stand opposite me

Standing against me

With the world..

I realized there is no such thing as perfect friendship..

Then I met another him..

I wanted perfect friendship…

But what I had forgotten was that there is NO such thing…

Things were not rosy

My expectations were high…

What he gave, were less as per my standards

Then one day something snapped…

I realized my mistake

I realized that I was trying to change him

I wanted him to become another him

Because I wanted him to be a perfect friend

I wanted him to say the nicest things

The nicest vows of friendships

Just like the earlier him

Now I can finally say I have learnt the following…

The nicest of words are not necessarily the truth

There is no such thing as the best friend or the bestest friend

Actions speak louder than words…

And that things always needn’t be expressed in words…