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A lot has happened….I got fired and then hired again….not fired literally…but the Boss i.e. the Hon’ble Judge decided that this is not the right place for me since i am a beginner and said that a job with him would hamper my initial growth. He also has also asked me to join him after 6 months of practice in the Courts. So..he suggested that I join a lawyer….So..after being ill and at home for 10 days, I joined a lawyer..now working with her…

Have you ever felt as if you are having a directionless life?? As if every morning you wake up, you realise that you have to follow that same monotonous routine. eating.working.sleeping.more working and more sleeping. There is so much I want to do…but it’ll take time. But patience is something I dont have.

I want to be away from home, just for a while. To travel.

I want to open a school for street kids.

I want to fight cases of those who cant afford a lawyer.

I want to change the atmosphere, make world a better palace for my kids when they come into this world.

I just don’t want to exist..i want to live. Make a difference. Even if its o.000000001%.

I wish to do so much…but the question is HOW!!

Everyday i wake up thinking whether I am doing the right thing, whether I have joined the correct profession, if yes then whether I have joined the right place. So many doubts nd confusions in my mind.

For once i want to have a clear mind…free from confusions and apprehensions. Nothing helps. No one helps. Everyone suggests a different thing, a different direction.

I wish I was a kid again….when all my tensions revolved around where my pencil went or why have I not eaten today’s lunch box.


Random # 2

Ok..its been a  while since i posted last, and I have been aching to write one, but couldnt think of anything. SO here goes another totally random post from me!! (Sorry guys, I know its all stupid ranting and rambling!!)

Its scorching here. With close to 45 degrees Celsius, there is no respite from the weather. No signs of rainfall. And look at Mumbai, flooded!! I think I should re-consider shifting there with Dad. But then nothing like apni dilli. 🙂 Ignore the heat, no rainfall, power-cuts, crime-rate etc etc, and Delhi is a decent place to live in 😉

My last week has been full of confusion and dilemmas. I was suddenly told by some education consultants that I should try for my Masters in Law in University College London, since I have very ‘good’ marks! That made me happy cz i did not think my marks were good enough…so anyways, after a LOT of confusion and meetings and discussions, I have decided to postpone it till next year, and apply for scholarships. So Insha-allah I should be off to some good college (read Oxford/Cambridge or NYU/Harvard/Columbia) in the next two years. (IF my parents don’t suddenly decide to get me married off!!).

Then I went to the Courts, gave an interview to an Hon’ble Judge of the High Court, for a job with him. I should get another interview call very soon. My nights are usually spent waiting for the electricity to come so I can sleep peacefully in the AC (I know I am a spoilt brat!! ) and also getting anxious about my future.

I don’t want to work in a firm, i know it wont be the right place for me. Later on maybe yes, but not now. They pay brilliantly well, but I don’t mind working with a lawyer, earning 5000 bucks (initially!) and getting work satisfaction. But the reason I wish that i get a job in the firm is the money. I want to hand over the money to my mom and tell her to take retirement, take care of her health and move in with dad, who is in Mumbai. Its really sad that at this age they are forced to live apart and work in different cities of the country so that their children get a confortable life. 😦 😦

The last two days have been really weird.. I mean MJ died, and so did Prof Anil Wilson and the Ex-Chief Minister of Rajsathan Shri Shiv Charan Mathur also passed away..

I hate deaths and talking about deaths. And this is precisely what my best friend does. Talk about death, his death, so often that I just cant take it. He doesn’t understand  how much it affects me… just to think about deaths.

My random thoughts are over. Please don’t comment because now that I read this, its pathetically horrible that I wrote things that are so unrelated to each other, and I don’t think they make any sense!!


ok…so here goes a totally random post from me..

Last few weeks have been totally awesome for me. I am having the time of my life these days, and hoping i enjoy it while it lasts, before i get a job (though I am aching to get one…nevertheless I am sure i’l regret it later!!)

Currently, I have become obsessed with The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. My day is spent reading the book, like a maniac!

Obsessed with Phi also called the Golden Number, Saint Mary Magdalene and Leonardo Da Vinci amongst numerous other things. There is so much information everywhere that i feel at loss. Loss that that I wasted so many of my years not learning much.. Anyways, all is not lost.

A normal day in my (current) life follows hereby-

8.00 AM- Morning rituals, breakfast, packing lunches for sister and mother.

9.00-9.30- Dropping sister off and driving through MAD traffic.

10-11.30- Salsa Class, and this is the BEST part of the day 🙂

12.00 onwards getting pampered by Nani and enjoying the rest of day…sometimes going out to meet friends, otherwise, lazing around the house!

6.30pm- Picking up sister, driving through MAD traffic once again.

7.30- getting back home, exercise. TV and other random stuff

10-1am or till the time mom doesn’t force me to get off the Comp 🙂 – sitting on the net, chatting on the phone etc etc,

Ahem…ahem…i apologize for this completely absurd and random post…

Coming up soon..another fully faltu post of mine…one fine day..

By the way…if a girl is totally hot and useless at work….why does she get a ‘dream job’ whereas me..whos not-so-hot BUT quite useful (mind you!) has to wait, or look for a contact 😦 Life’s unfair na!??!!