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Everyone!! i sincerely apologize for being so irregular 😦 i miss blogging 😦 😦

Ok this is a piece of news that i had to share with everyone…though i doubt if it’ll be beneficial to anyone BUT me..nevertheless..i somehow feel compelled to do so  ! The Delhi High Court has created history by forming an e-court or electronic court. That means that the court will have documents in the computer and not on paper. This is a revolution of sorts which will help speed up the process of disposing off the cases.

It works like this;

The judge (presently Hon’ble Mr Justice Ravindra Bhat) has a touchscreen instead of the bulky files and there is a big wide screen in the court room that can be viewed by everyone in the court room.  So now the lawyers as well as the judge go through the file on their respective computers/laptops. Since this system is just two days old, the computer department has scanned the upcoming files and stored them in the Judges laptop.

However this is not without the flipside..there are chances of virus attack and tampering of documents..

For most of you this piece of information won’t be of much use…but its a HUGE step towards ensuring that justice is delivered IN TIME!!

Rest later 🙂 hope all of you are doing fine 🙂 🙂