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I am back!!

Not technically….I miss blogging 😦 and miss reading so many blogs 😦

Lifes hecitc..had  no net at home, the house is in a mess..thanks to the semi-renovation that we decided to have…..

Work is also driving me crazy…

And guess what…in between me and the twin turned 23 on the 15th…alas without much enthusiasm !!!

Got my first bonus and also the first case (lawyer case..i mean)!!!!

Will read all the blogs as soon as I can 🙂

*hugs to everyone*


हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के

हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के

-शिवमंगल सिंह सुमन

हम पंछी उन्‍मुक्‍त गगन के
पिंजरबद्ध न गा पाऍंगे,
कनक-तीलियों से टकराकर
पुलकित पंख टूट जाऍंगे।

हम बहता जल पीनेवाले
मर जाऍंगे भूखे-प्‍यासे,
कहीं भली है कटुक निबोरी
कनक-कटोरी की मैदा से,

स्‍वर्ण-श्रृंखला के बंधन में
अपनी गति, उड़ान सब भूले,
बस सपनों में देख रहे हैं
तरू की फुनगी पर के झूले।

ऐसे थे अरमान कि उड़ते
नील गगन की सीमा पाने,
लाल किरण-सी चोंचखोल
चुगते तारक-अनार के दाने।

होती सीमाहीन क्षितिज से
इन पंखों की होड़ा-होड़ी,
या तो क्षितिज मिलन बन जाता
या तनती सॉंसों की डोरी।

नीड़ न दो, चाहे टहनी का
आश्रय छिन्‍न-भिन्‍न कर डालो,
लेकिन पंख दिए हैं, तो
आकुल उड़ान में विघ्‍न न डालों।

Brings back old memories!! Doesn’t it!! 🙂

blah blah blah

A lot has happened….I got fired and then hired again….not fired literally…but the Boss i.e. the Hon’ble Judge decided that this is not the right place for me since i am a beginner and said that a job with him would hamper my initial growth. He also has also asked me to join him after 6 months of practice in the Courts. So..he suggested that I join a lawyer….So..after being ill and at home for 10 days, I joined a lawyer..now working with her…

Have you ever felt as if you are having a directionless life?? As if every morning you wake up, you realise that you have to follow that same monotonous routine. eating.working.sleeping.more working and more sleeping. There is so much I want to do…but it’ll take time. But patience is something I dont have.

I want to be away from home, just for a while. To travel.

I want to open a school for street kids.

I want to fight cases of those who cant afford a lawyer.

I want to change the atmosphere, make world a better palace for my kids when they come into this world.

I just don’t want to exist..i want to live. Make a difference. Even if its o.000000001%.

I wish to do so much…but the question is HOW!!

Everyday i wake up thinking whether I am doing the right thing, whether I have joined the correct profession, if yes then whether I have joined the right place. So many doubts nd confusions in my mind.

For once i want to have a clear mind…free from confusions and apprehensions. Nothing helps. No one helps. Everyone suggests a different thing, a different direction.

I wish I was a kid again….when all my tensions revolved around where my pencil went or why have I not eaten today’s lunch box.

Kerela, Office and Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!!!

The Holy month of fasting and praying starts from tomorrow…errr…today! Scared and sad…scared because i am not sure if i’ll be able to handle fasting and the work together…sad because this is the first Ramadan after my Grandfather passed away 😦 😦

My last few days have been MAD!! Me, the twin and her friend went to Kerela to meet my sister’s best friend who had a baby few months back and has named her after my twin (so cute na!!) The trip was awesome and so were the mother-daughter *touchwood* 🙂 🙂

Kerela is just so beautiful !!! I loved every minute there..the trees, the weather, the waterfalls 🙂 Though the trip was really short, I had the best time in years (i think it was due to the absence of any of our parents!) 😀

Our days were spent sight seeing and evenings were spent just sitting in the verandah and cursing the delhi weather and nights were spent going for long drives and simply chatting!!

I feel quite envious of my sister sometimes..she has the best of people as her friends. I, on the other hand have had the bad luck of being around some of the worst people in the world. She has so many fond memories, of non-stop chatter and happy girly times. I, have always been surrounded by boys, never really had any girl friends…and i miss having girl-friends. The boys..rather men in my life drive me crazy. I am usually the butt of their jokes and I just LOVE hanging out with them. I really wish to travel to a number of places with them, but can’t for the simple reason that they are all boys :(so anyways, bored you enough with my bakwaas…here are some pictures of the baby and Kerela..Image0295




Rest tomorrow 🙂

the tag :)

Amrit..here’s the tag 🙂 Apologies for the delay…din’t even had the time to breathe!!!! 😦

5 lesser known things about me!(plus one for the delay!!)

1. I am BIG pessimist…i always imagine the worst happening to me ONLY…  I see the glass empty ALWAYS, no matter how many happy things i have, i still think of something that i don’t have and ruin the happiness…. (pathetic i know!!)

2. I am absolutely fine doing just nothing the whole day…i can watch TV and movies the whole day or read books and I’ll be the happiest if i get to live life this way!!

3. I love chocolates, i can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for breakfast he next day.

4. Being an emotional fool that I am, i cry at the drop of a hat, be it when someone fights with me, or i watch a sad movie. I cried hysterically when Sirius Black and Prof Dumbeldore died in the Happry Potter book !!

5. I get affected by the tiniest thing possible…i mean if I am in a coversation with a friend over sms, and he/she stops replying, i start getting irritated and finicky and start losing my temper…weird.. i know!!!

6. (bonus) I feel cold very often…i start wearing sweatshirts when people are still waiting for winters to approach 🙂 Everyday in the Courts, I am the only one wearing a Coat and still shivering 😀 and my nose becomes red and is almost frozen!! hehe 🙂

I tag everyone, if you still visit my blog 🙂

Amrit…sorry cant do the second one, cz my brain has already exerted itself 🙂 🙂

Take care guys!!

p.s. i miss blogging and reading everyone’s blog 😦 😦



Is God cruel?? Today i believe so…

A senior of mine (3 years i think) passed ayaw today evening in an accident. Yes Gos i cruel.
This senior wasn’t a friend, not even an acquaintance, just some one i knew by face. It pained  me to think that he is no more. I just saw him on friday roaming the corridors of the High Court and now he is no more. So unreal.  He was what 25 years? 26 years old?? What about his mother? His father too had passed away…

Is this fair God?? Take life of a person who is in pain and has lived his life, if you have to, why did you have to kill that  young boy. He still had his whole life ahead of him, he had to take care of his mother, marry, have kids, get gets married, see his grandchildren. Why him??

There is no answer to this. Life is so fragile. We fight, crib, curse, we don’t realise these could be the last words we speak. We leave homes in a foul mood and we don’t realise this could be the last time we see the faces of our loved ones. Its scary. Death. and the pain.

I cant write more

The week so far

OK, so life’s pretty hectic. And it has just been one week 😦 It’ll take me sometime to get used to manage blogging and work.

Last week was taxing. Almost a 12-14 hour stint everyday, plus all the driving and stuff, made me dead by the time I came back home. This Saturday was off, being second saturday. Half of which was spent doing the rounds of doctors for mom and the rest half was shopping 😀

Today, half of the day was spent sleeping (I think I woke up at 12.30!!), and the other half was spent shopping again. It was bliss 🙂 🙂 Bought some really cool clothes for a bargain 🙂 🙂 and I am soo glad!!

The Boss (I address him as ‘Your Lordship’, NO this is not a joke!! ) is really cool, helps me out with everything, he is very patient and understands that I am new to all this. Everyone is so nice that I really cannot believe my luck!! Tuesday I get my regitration in the Bar Council of India done, and thereupon I get my appointment letter!!

By the way did I mention, the Hon’ble Judge confirmed my appointment 🙂

Rest Later..

P.S. PLease pray for my Mom’s health. I have been unable to devote time to her, and so she is running around getting her tests done all alone 😦 😦

Hope she gets well soon

Happy Post

Hello world..this is me 🙂

Today HAS to be my happiest day after AGES 🙂

I got my result today….a very cool 78 percent…soo now I am a LAWYER 🙂 🙂 😀 I am so excited I can fill the whole page with smileys 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

AND I got an interview call today..the Hon’ble Justice and his Researcher (this is the post I have applied for) loved my CV 🙂 🙂 and now I am on a trial with them until i get myself registerd in the Bar Council of India 🙂 So hopefully I should not be thrown out and should get this job!!!!!

yeiiii I am on cloud nine..Have been jumping constantly 🙂

PS-the present researcher is a darling 🙂 i am truly blessed 😀

PPS- A more sensible post will soon follow 🙂

Oh, by the way the HC has held that Section 377 is illegal 🙂 great news innit??!! I was there in the Court when this happened, alas, I missed it 😦

Love you all

Thanks a million for the good wishes.:)

*Hugs to all*

Random # 2

Ok..its been a  while since i posted last, and I have been aching to write one, but couldnt think of anything. SO here goes another totally random post from me!! (Sorry guys, I know its all stupid ranting and rambling!!)

Its scorching here. With close to 45 degrees Celsius, there is no respite from the weather. No signs of rainfall. And look at Mumbai, flooded!! I think I should re-consider shifting there with Dad. But then nothing like apni dilli. 🙂 Ignore the heat, no rainfall, power-cuts, crime-rate etc etc, and Delhi is a decent place to live in 😉

My last week has been full of confusion and dilemmas. I was suddenly told by some education consultants that I should try for my Masters in Law in University College London, since I have very ‘good’ marks! That made me happy cz i did not think my marks were good enough…so anyways, after a LOT of confusion and meetings and discussions, I have decided to postpone it till next year, and apply for scholarships. So Insha-allah I should be off to some good college (read Oxford/Cambridge or NYU/Harvard/Columbia) in the next two years. (IF my parents don’t suddenly decide to get me married off!!).

Then I went to the Courts, gave an interview to an Hon’ble Judge of the High Court, for a job with him. I should get another interview call very soon. My nights are usually spent waiting for the electricity to come so I can sleep peacefully in the AC (I know I am a spoilt brat!! ) and also getting anxious about my future.

I don’t want to work in a firm, i know it wont be the right place for me. Later on maybe yes, but not now. They pay brilliantly well, but I don’t mind working with a lawyer, earning 5000 bucks (initially!) and getting work satisfaction. But the reason I wish that i get a job in the firm is the money. I want to hand over the money to my mom and tell her to take retirement, take care of her health and move in with dad, who is in Mumbai. Its really sad that at this age they are forced to live apart and work in different cities of the country so that their children get a confortable life. 😦 😦

The last two days have been really weird.. I mean MJ died, and so did Prof Anil Wilson and the Ex-Chief Minister of Rajsathan Shri Shiv Charan Mathur also passed away..

I hate deaths and talking about deaths. And this is precisely what my best friend does. Talk about death, his death, so often that I just cant take it. He doesn’t understand  how much it affects me… just to think about deaths.

My random thoughts are over. Please don’t comment because now that I read this, its pathetically horrible that I wrote things that are so unrelated to each other, and I don’t think they make any sense!!


He came. Smiled. Looked at her. Looked at her innocence. Looked around to see that the girl’s mother has as usual left for work, and left her in his and his wife’s custody. Afterall they were the only relatives the girl and her mother had in the town. He again smiled at her. Made her sit on his lap. Tried to play around with his foolish words. She was young. Not yet a teenager. Growing. Blossoming into a young woman. He asked her silly questions and she tried to run away from him. He grabbed her by her arm and forced her on his lap again. She tried to wriggle out again but it was all in vain. He was a man, a full grown up man, afterall. Then he did it again. Did what he has been doing for the past few months. Touched her, at places where he shouldn’t. She felt weird, looked around to find some help, but there was no one. Not her cousins, not the wife of the man and not her sister. Just alone. She tried again to break free. He pushed her back again. This time with more aggression. She winced. With pain. With disbelief. She did not know what was happening, for she was too young. With time, the instances increased. Now in front of her little cousins, who had no idea what was happening. She felt pain. Hurt. Disgust. Disgust with the man and with herself. Untill she decided to bring it in the light. She went and told the mother,who forbade her to ever step into the house. But the mother did not confront him nor his wife. Was she right? Was it justified? Maybe yes. For she did not want to ruin the relationship she had with the wife. Albeit she took precautions. The girl did not see his face for the next few years. Untill she was old and strong enough to tackle him. Whenever she did meet him in family functions, the mother always ensured she was around.. always.

Perhaps the man learnt his lesson for he never dared touch her again.