by Saima

Is God cruel?? Today i believe so…

A senior of mine (3 years i think) passed ayaw today evening in an accident. Yes Gos i cruel.
This senior wasn’t a friend, not even an acquaintance, just some one i knew by face. It pained  me to think that he is no more. I just saw him on friday roaming the corridors of the High Court and now he is no more. So unreal.  He was what 25 years? 26 years old?? What about his mother? His father too had passed away…

Is this fair God?? Take life of a person who is in pain and has lived his life, if you have to, why did you have to kill that  young boy. He still had his whole life ahead of him, he had to take care of his mother, marry, have kids, get gets married, see his grandchildren. Why him??

There is no answer to this. Life is so fragile. We fight, crib, curse, we don’t realise these could be the last words we speak. We leave homes in a foul mood and we don’t realise this could be the last time we see the faces of our loved ones. Its scary. Death. and the pain.

I cant write more