Life in the past few months

by Saima

I have have been having the most exhausting days of my life since March end. Exhausting, both physically and emotionally. After almost living in the hospital for around 10 days in March-April and then now again in May, has finally taken its toll on me. Going to the doctors, seeing my loved ones (my twin and my mother) in so much pain, is extremely painful. Thankfully, both of them are on their road to recovery, (*touchwood*), still there are times when i wonder why us, and that too so suddenly.
Having taken the round of hospitals and practically living there, i was invariably surrounded by some family, whos family member was suffering from some ghastly disease/problem. One such neighbour was a family where the father had just died, though not young but certainly not a die-able age. The mother was inconsolable and seeing her crying hysterically right next to me, moved me to tears. And surprisingly there were random people, who were just standing there and seeing the poor lady crying as if there was some show going on. Later on I found out that the mother became so ill that she too had to be admitted in Emergency. Imagine the plight of the kids.
At the second trip to another hospital for my sister, the room was shared by one more female, whose operation had gone haywire due to which she had to undergo the painful operation again. Its been three days since my sister’s discharge and the poor lady is still in the hospital. The whole nights she would spend crying in pain and cursing the doctors. No amount of consolation was acceptable by her either from the doctors or by her husband.

Death is inevitable, yet the process towards it should not be so painful. I saw so many aged people, struggling to breathe, struggling to live. It was so painful to see those frail bodies being struck with needles everywhere. How frail life is.

These few months I also realised the genuineness of my so-called friends. Almost all of them did not bother asking for my mother’s/sister’s health at any point. It was always their after thought. Never once did they bother to visit. Those who bothered are friends for life. Glad i realised this soon.
😦 Ending the note in not so cheerful note, will be back again when I am able to do write ‘cheerfully’ again.

Apologies to A and Nancy for not responding to their tags, hope you understand.
I guess I deserve an award for being the laziest blogger alive!! 🙂