this is life……………..

by Saima

Everyday I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why couldn’t I be as manipulative, as tactful, as ‘smart’, as think before you speak types; as soo many of my ‘friends’….and one day I decided I am actually gonna become like that so that if nothing else I will atleast be successful in my professional life…..but a statement made by a friend of mine..whos somewhere in Pune…. made me realize I was so wrong…all what he said was that the worst thing for a person is to lose his innocence…and I realized my mistake..

Whats the use of that success when all that you are getting are fake friends who have a modus operandi of being close to you…whats the use of that success when all that you get are curses and abuses from people who despise you and people who get hurt by your manipulativeness.

Life teaches you so many lessons and still you don’t learn. It makes you fall; makes you weep; makes you realize your mistake so that you don’t repeat it…but you repeat tose mistakes…again and again and again…I guess this is what happens when you think from your heart and not brain…..well as my parents often say..some people will never learn…I agree with you mom….

People close to you have a tremendous power of hurting you…and you don’t realize it until you actually get hurt…by these very people….

You don’t want to part ways with these people but sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and one day you just have to put an end to it all…not explicitly..but somewhere in your heart you realize this is it….you cant take it anymore…you cant be taken for granted cant be taken for a ride….you cant let people drain you emotionally…even if they are your closest friends….there has to be an end to all this….you have to draw a line somewhere…somehow… make the other person(s) realize your importance..your value and your worth…

Why cant we stop caring for people who have hurt us beyond repair… why do we still hope that things will be day…

As they say this is life…